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Bad Breath Stinks

It is important to conduct thorough oral hygiene at home twice daily utilizing tooth brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing to remove food debris and plaque on teeth, bridgework and implants. Tongue and tooth brushing in combination with flossing significantly decreases both bleeding of the gum tissue as well as reducing bad breath in as little as a two week period.

Tongue Cleaning is the Key to Fresher, Cleaner Breath

Cleaning your tongue is very important. You can purchase tongue scrapers in a variety of styles and some toothbrushes even have them built in. Place the tongue cleaner on the back region of the tongue and move it forward to the front section of the tongue. After you have scraped that portion of the tongue, rinse the tongue scraper off with warm water to remove any odor causing bacteria. Then replace the tongue scraper in the next section and repeat as described above.

Just Ask

Consult your dentist or dental hygienist when choosing oral hygiene aids to help you eliminate plaque and odor causing bacteria and review the techniques that should be utilized at home. Also, ask your dental professional what oral hygiene care products they would consider you use to help eliminate bad breath (antibacterial toothpaste, antiseptic mouth rinse, tongue brushes or scrapers and interproximal cleaning devices).

The key to a fresh clean mouth is optimal oral hygiene conducted at home on a regular basis.

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