Dental Fillings in Folsom, CA

Composite fillings are tooth-colored restorations designed to repair teeth with minor decay or damage. Folsom dentist Dr. Viren Patel closely matches the color of your composite filling to the color of your tooth for a more natural-looking result. Composite fillings can be placed in just one appointment at our office, during which Dr. Patel will:

  • Remove the damaged portion of the tooth
  • Thoroughly clean the remaining healthy tooth
  • Place the composite filling
  • Shape and polish the tooth-colored filling

Composite fillings are a more conservative option than traditional silver fillings because they require less removal of healthy tooth structure. Strong, durable, and beautiful, your composite filling can give you the naturally radiant smile that you deserve. For more information on composite fillings or general dentistry, please call or visit our office in Folsom today.