Root Canal Therapy and Endodontic Dentistry in Folsom, CA

Root canal therapy is often the best option for restoring function to an infected or damaged tooth. Folsom dentist Dr. Viren Patel typically recommends root canal therapy over extraction because a root canal will allow him to save the tooth and will not negatively affect any of the surrounding teeth. You may need root canal therapy if your tooth has been affected by:

  • An abscess
  • Pulp decay
  • Significant trauma or injuries
  • An infection

Root canal therapy can be completed in just one or two visits to our office. With local anesthetic, root canal therapy can be a comfortable as well as effective treatment. Following the root canal therapy, Dr. Patel will place a dental crown over the tooth for additional protection and aesthetics. Contact our office today if you are experiencing any dental discomfort and we will be happy to provide you with the care you need.