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Occlusion (the way your teeth come together and move during chewing cycles) is the key to longevity of dentistry. If the chewing system is balanced and working well, the forces being placed on the joints, bone, gums and teeth will be within the natural tolerances of each component. When one or more of these components is overloaded, breakdown occurs. An analogy is that the tires on your car last longer when there are balanced and the wheels are aligned. When the balance and alignment are off, not only do the tires wear out faster, but the suspension components, the steering, the brakes etc. all suffer.

Fixing one tooth at a time without a plan leads to malalignments of the occlusion. It is similar to changing tires one at a time with different brands. The car would be difficult to drive well and all components would soon develop issues.

Dr. Patel has had extensive training in the management of occlusal issues and uses this training in the planning of simple as well as extensive cases. His aim is to generate a balanced system where the components work together in harmony thereby leading to long-lasting health.

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